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New spot puts the brand's 65-year history in a single engineer's hands.

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Hard not to feel like a kid running rank in a toy store watching this. The spot is called “Hands,” which makes plenty of sense, and the two-minute spot celebrates the curious spirit that has made Honda the largest engine manufacturer and racing company in the world since its founding in 1948. Lovely application of branded content and amazing post production work. Continue Reading

White Paper: Big Data

At XCOM we’ve worked long and hard to harness and understand Big Data because we’re excited about the opportunity it presents. We’ve also developed a number of best practice principles that we’re happy to share as well. In a follow up on our earlier blog post “Big Data – the problem and opportunity”, we’ve developed a detailed and comprehensive Big Data White Paper, and we encourage everyone to download a copy.

The Art of Spam and its unfortunate success

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One of our core business activities here at XCOM is sending emails. Lots of emails. In fact last month we sent over 20,000,000 emails on behalf of our clients. Thankfully we have an excellent deliverability rate. I would say it’s due to luck, but it’s not – it’s due to our diligent work to ensure that it is that way. So many of us in the office find it incredibly hard to believe that in the enormous volume of legitimate marketing emails (with our diligent practices), how does anyone actually fall for spam emails, and more importantly, do they actually work? Continue Reading

Big Data - A Big Problem and a Huge Opportunity

Data Today
The exponential rise in the volume and amount of data globally has been nothing short of phenomenal. So much so that currently and more prevalently in the future, being able to analyse large and complex data sets will become a major point of differences and competition for all brands Continue Reading