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7 Surprising Content Marketing Facts

As marketers, we deal with statistics every day. Whether it’s ROI, engagement rates, open rates, or data deep dives, the sheer abundance of statistics can be enough to make anyone’s head spin. 

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6 Thought Leadership Facts Every Marketer Should Know

What does it take to be a thought leader? At one point or another, most marketers have probably asked themselves this question. Do you have to be an expert in your field? A top social media influencer, raking in the likes and shares? Do you need to consistently pump out white papers, 50-page reports, and industry leading statistics? 

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Content Marketing Essentials: The 3 Key Characteristics of Top Performing Blog Articles in 2020

Ever read a blog article so good that it makes you step back and say ‘wow’? If everything goes to plan, hopefully you’re reading one right now (and can find many more over at our blog). But, as with most aspects of content marketing in 2020, a good blog article doesn’t simply happen. Rather, there’s science behind the similes, method to the metaphors. 

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Is Content Still King?

Content is king. To most people, this isn’t a new insight. Rather, it’s the sort of buzz phrase you hear slightly too often, and gradually tune out over time. However, the phrase remains as relevant today as when it was coined by Bill Gates in 1996. 

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