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In a recent blog post from Forrester Research, survey participants rated Email Marketing as the number one digital marketing tactic for delivering business value and satisfaction. Continue Reading

Google makes it harder for Marketers to reach Gmail users with new inbox organiser

Google has announced that Gmail is getting a brand new inbox on desktop and mobile that puts users back in control using simple, easy organisation.
On the desktop, the new inbox groups mail into categories which appear as different tabs. Users can choose which categories they want displayed. Continue Reading

Email Marketing – Optimising for Mobile Devices

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Email is the powerhouse channel
Based on its low cost and high returns is well known as the powerhouse of digital marketing. For many of our clients, email marketing is usually the highest converting of all their online marketing activities, generating sales at double the rate of both paid and organic search marketing, which despite being a distant second in the KPI conversion stakes, is usually much more expensive to implement. Continue Reading