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A Day In The Life of an XCOM Account Manager

By On May 16 2013 Insights With No Comments Permalink

An XCOM Account Manager is a rare thing – an exclusive breed of the highest quality! If I tell someone this is my job, they will most likely swoon over or envy me. Well at least that’s what I tell myself to help me sleep at night. Continue Reading

Facebook 'Likes' - What are they worth?

By On May 15 2013 Insights With No Comments Permalink

So the other day, somewhere between my third caffeine hit and trying to keep up with the torrent of information that is my inbox, something caught my attention. Facebook-related things usually perk my interest, but more so recently as here at XCOM we run a lot of successful competitions on FB. When briefed by the client, the objectives of these competitions very often include increased social presence, fan interaction, sharing and making that ‘like’ ticker roll higher and higher. Continue Reading