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Kokoda Challenge

Kokoda Challenge
By On July 18 2014 News With 0 Comments Permalink

We want to wish our very own Rob Bell all the very best for this weekend, as he takes part in the gruelling Kokoda challenge — a 96km cross-country hike through the Gold Coast hinterland.

This event is one of the most challenging endurance events in Australia, and Rob and his 3 team mates (with the help of their support crew) will be trekking 96 km through the Gold Coast hinterland. The course leads along fire trails, crosses 12 creeks and summits 5,000 m of vertical elevation. The goal is to finish as a complete team of four in honour of the spirit forged on the Kokoda Track in 1942: mateship, courage, endurance and sacrifice. Rob and his team plan on (surviving and) finishing within 24 hours!

They are raising money for the Kokoda Youth Foundation, a great cause that is helping young kids here in Australia. Established in 2004, the Kokoda Youth Foundation supports young Australians, inspiring them to do extraordinary things.

Central to Kokoda Youth Foundation is the Spirit of Kokoda, embodying courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice. These principles take their origin from Australian soldiers who fought on the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea during WWII. Still relevant today, KYF has developed programs designed to reignite these timeless values in the younger generation.

All the best Rob, you’ll smash it!